Bring Your Own Gift - Stuffed Balloon with Number and 3 Helium Balloons

Manufacturer: Hokey Pokey Shop
SKU: stuffed-balloon-gift-number
Choose the 16" Number balloon, the clear 18'' stuffed balloon print and 3 of 11'' latex balloons. Please note all stuffed balloons are clear and the color inside just for highlighting the print on the balloons
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Foil Number 2
18'' Stuffing Balloon *
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Bring Your Own Gift - Stuffed Balloon with Number and 3 Helium Balloons

Create your own unique stuffed balloon gift. This balloon is a perfect way to surprise someone on their special occasion. Perfect as a birthday gift, milestone celebration, retirement party, anniversary etc. We have put various gifts inside balloons including toys, craft, sweets, chocolate, jewellery, tickets, watches, perfume, alchohol, cloth, baby blankets and much more.

How it works? 

Bring your own gift and we will put it inside one of these clear 18’’ balloons of your choice. Gift must fit into the 4.5’’ (11 cm) in diameter opening and not too heavy & not sharp. For the square objects the maximum width is (3.3'') 8cm.
Choose 1 or 2 foil 16'' Number balloons, the print on your 18'' clear balloon and 3 color for a balloon bouquet.

Price includes stuffing service, one of the 18’’ stuffing balloons, fillers (crinkle paper and small balloons inside), foil number balloon, balloon topper & stand, and 3 balloon bouquet attached.

If you would like us to include a special message on a complementary card, just add it into the order notes on the shipping cart page or send us an e-mail.

Contact us for any customization. 

Stand time is approximately 1 week+ however, this is affected by temperature and cannot be guaranteed. All balloons are applied with balloon shine.

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